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Demi Lovato lims

Demi Last Icon Maker Standing

Demi Lovato Last Icon Maker Standing ♥
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This here is yet another Last Icon Maker Standing community dedicated to the talented, beautiful and funny actress&singer Demi Lovato. You have to wait for sign-ups for a session, but when they are there all you have to do is submit a form to sign up. If you fail to submit an icon for a round in time, a skip will be used or you'll get disqualified. You may not skip the first round or the finals! Skips can be earned when you sign up. One for signing up and another for promoting lovatolims. All icons must be made specially for these rounds and cannot be posted anywhere else at all, before the results post is up.
The schedule is build up like this;
Monday~A round is put up.
Friday~Voting goes up.
Monday~Results and new round goes up.

In each round there will one person eliminated, a people's choice and a mod's choice. Changing your entry is allowed until the voting goes up (If you are not satisfied with it).

When submitting an icon, please follow the following terms:
-Must be 100x100.
-Smaller than 40kb.
-Type: jpg, png or gif.
-Animation is a no-no.
-Use the image(s) provided!

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